Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 4

Another part of reinventing medical and health care would be to provide continuing medical education that is preventive in nature to physicians and other health care providers, as well as foundational preventive medical education to physicians in training, in medical school and in residency programs. Barnsley Hypnosis & Counselling helps adults, teenagers & children to […]

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Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 3

Many times patients and their families are under much stress and are poorly informed about the disease and can only give themselves over to the medical system, too ill, stressed and insecure to question it, but hope that they can trust that the best thing is being done. Patients and families need to be given […]

Yo yo Dieting

Hi There, I’m really having a hard time with yo yo dieting. I’ve done Dolly Parton’s water-and-popcorn diet for a month, but it always comes back. Plus, when I’ve stuck to a diet for 3 months or so, I plateau and can’t seem to drop more. What am i doing wrong? Thanks,

Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 2

PART II – STRATEGIES FOR PREVENTION, COLLECTIVE AND INDIVIDUAL The environmental factors that affect health and longevity can be largely remedied by individual and community action and public policy measures. There is much to be done by neighborhoods, communities, service organizations, businesses, and governments that could affect air and water quality, neighborhood and traffic safety, […]

Start Making Sense Let’s Use Prevention, Part 1

Common sense (which often isn’t common) teaches us that prevention is more rational, effective, and efficient than trying to fix a problem or to pick up the pieces after a catastrophe. Then why has this not been applied in health care, and what could we do to bring this about?

ACSM Calls for Cessation of Tobacco

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) took a stand against tobacco advertising in conjunction with women’s sports events at its 48th Annual Meeting. It recommended that women’s sporting events begin to separate from tobacco advertising, and gradually end tobacco support completely.

Exercise Even During the Golden Years

Are you over 60? Could you be healthier, more energetic, and even stronger? No matter what your age is, it’s never too late to start exercising.

Ask The Expert Chiropractor

Yes. From my own personal experiences with stress headaches, cervical adjustments help tremendously. My practice is geared more towards athletic injuries, so I only treat about 5 to 10 patients a week for headaches. Compared to other Chiropractors, that is a drop in the bucket. I get mixed results, and have a success rate of […]

Types of Inhaler Delivery Systems

Inhaled medications can be taken through a metered-dose inhaler, dry-powder inhaler or a nebulizer, which is a device that generates a mist of medication similar to a humidifier. Some medications are available in only a single delivery system. Other medications are available in all three delivery systems.

Spinals Stretches

Waist Twist Stretch: Sit straddling a flat or abdominal bench with one leg on each side of the bench. Sit upright with shoulders perpendicular to the bench.