Ask The Expert Chiropractor

Yes. From my own personal experiences with stress headaches, cervical adjustments help tremendously. My practice is geared more towards athletic injuries, so I only treat about 5 to 10 patients a week for headaches. Compared to other Chiropractors, that is a drop in the bucket. I get mixed results, and have a success rate of treating certain types of headaches, at around 70% with my patients.

There are many theories about why the cervical adjustment can help with some headaches. From “alignment,” to “stretch reflex,” to relaxation of the trapezius muscle, the list goes on and it depends on who you talk to.

Not all headaches will respond to a chiropractic adjustment. In the same vein, not all headaches will respond to a pill, or other types of treatments.

Find what works best for you. I’d start with the most conservative forms of treatments first.

Because there are several different types of headaches, you should have your headaches diagnosed by your health care professional, and then seek the proper type of treatment.