Causation. Part 1


When Samuel Hahnemann was experimenting with opening most of his cases with Sulphur in the late 1830s, he did not give “everyone” this remedy as claimed in the article on ST. Many misleading things have been said about the Master’s manifold experiments by those who wish to say that he did not practice what he preached so they may ignore what he wrote. The exact methods Hahnemann published in The Organon and in The Chronic Diseases are those techniques which he found to be the safest and most effective in his extensive clinical trials. In Boenninghausen’s Lesser Writings, there are two cases from Hahnemann’s notebook from the 1840s, one of which is dated January 14, 1843, just six months before the old homeopath left for his Heavenly Abode. The Hofrat personally sent these case notes to the Baron less then three months before he passed away. These case histories give us a clear indication of the Master’s techniques in the last days of his long and fruitful career.

In these cases, Hahnemann used centesimal potencies in acute disorders and the LM potency for the underlying chronic conditions, both in carefully adjusted doses of a medicinal solution. He did not begin either of these cases with Sulphur, he used only a single remedy at a time until the symptoms changed (not two remedies in alternation), and he carefully adjusted the dosage to avoid the phenomena of aggravation. Each remedy was chosen individually on an complete analysis of aetiology and the totality of the signs and symptoms. In these case histories he used the exact same methodologies he described in the 6th edition of The Organon, which was completed during this period. Therefore, it is safe to say that these final cases, and the instructions in the 6th Organon, reflect the last testament of Samuel Hahnemann.

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