Causation. Part 3

ST is more mechanistic and reductionist in nature, as it uses a few specific remedies, combinations chosen by causation alone, and standardized treatment plans with the use of all the major nosodes. In this way it shares certain principles in common with orthodox medicine. Sequential Therapy has taken up the importance of aetiology and the time-line, which is all too often over looked by homeopaths, but has elevated them to a position of supremacy where they cannot stand alone. For these reasons Dr. Elmiger’s system will have to succeed or fail on its own merits as must all the other treatments which use homeopathic remedies but do not follow homeopathic principles.

Is ST Homeopathy renewed? This seems unlikely because it focuses on only one narrow aspect of the greater field of traditional homeopathy while using many principles that are in direct opposition. As a homeopath who over the last 15 years has followed many cases backward along the time-line using classical methods, I see little advantage in using one-sided aetiological specifics, combination remedies, and treatment plans that produce prolonged aggravations. I would suggest to those who are using ST to refine their techniques by reintroducing the cardinal principles of Homeopathy into their practice so that they may experience a more rapid, gentle and permanent cure.

I am confident that the Homeopathy introduced by Samuel Hahnemann will be Medicina Futura, as it is based on universal principles confirmed by the experience of several generations of homeopaths. It is holographic in its view, contemplative in its observations, and conservative in its practice. Today’s homeopaths must integrate their contemporary experiences into clinical practice without losing sight of the principles which form its fundamental basis. Although Hering introduced many grand innovations into our homeopathic practice, he never left behind the cardinal maxims of Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

We are facing the next millennium when our science will be called on to treat the worst of those diseases thought to be past as well as the unknown diseases of the future. New causations will be mixed with the old in such manner as never before. The signs and symptoms are already taking shape like a new miasma rising to fill the void produced by our modern industrialized society. Homeopaths, be prepared!

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