Exercise Lite has its place. Part 2

For the past six years, the fitness staff at Kraft Foods has been providing opportunities for employees and their families to participate in all sorts of activities through our ACT-Y-LIFE (ACT-ivate Your LIFEstyle) program, nova7award winner, 1994. This program was developed, in part, due to the research that led up to the development of Exercise Lite. Through these diverse offerings, we have attracted a non-fitness center member participation rate of 48 percent. Many of the participants have either since become fitness center members or have continued to pursue the respective recreational or leisure-time activity on their own. For that reason alone, programs such as Exercise Lite and ACT-Y-LIFE have a definite place in this industry.

* Fitness Management provided an excellent resource article in the May 1994 issue entitled “Are you in-line for profits?” by Suzanne Nottingham. This article paved the way for my in-line skating proposal at our corporate recreation and wellness facility.

I was able to address all aspects of future in-line skating programming and then some! This invaluable information provided the necessary framework from which I was able to research and develop the components unique to my program. The resulting proposal was overwhelmingly approved!

Please continue to provide such articles relevant to the up-start of new programs. The help is much appreciated!

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