Fioricet as a Treatment for Recurring Migraines

You have probably heard someone say something about Fioricet. Usually used to reduce tension headaches, it is a combination drug which physicians also like to recommend as a treatment for recurring migraines.

Provided in tablet form for oral ingestion, Fioricet is to be taken in its entirety, accompanied by food or not. One to two tablets per four hour period is the recommended dosage, or as prescribed by your physician. The majority of patients like to ingest Fioricet without food because the drug can trigger a nausea reaction. A discussion with the doctor about being nauseous might lead to discovering necessary information about how to decrease this unwanted problem.

The Fioricet dose is flexible according to the patient’s medical ailment. During the complete course of treatment, a doctor will consistently look at the person’s progress and the basic response to taking the medicine. One adverse effect that Fioricet has is sleepiness. In a number of cases, the Fioricet dosage is reduced by physicians because many of their patients complain about sleepiness during the day. You can learn everything about Fioricet when you visit your physician. You will be asked to take it upon the first sign of tension headache symptoms.

Exceptional prudence is the norm for prescribing Fioricet, and medical experts recommend that this drug not be used in high dosage nor for extended periods. It may result in addiction as well as extreme withdrawal symptoms if the remedy is halted abruptly. Request your physician to steadily decrease the dosage to help you best avoid withdrawal syndromes. When you search for information about Fioricet being addictive, you will surely find out that this medicine shouldn’t be used in greater doses or more times that advised.

When you undergo Fioricet treatment, periodic checkups are essential. Let your physician know if you have been taking more than the prescribed dosage and if your headaches worsen or occur more frequently. Acetaminophen can cause permanent liver impairment and even death upon ingestion of excessive dosage. Something important to remember is that acetaminophen overdose commonly takes two days to show up. The condition must be treated right away, as it is acutely critical. Two symptoms to watch for in the beginning are yellow skin and being severely nauseous.

Prior to using the medication, it is in your best interest to let your doctor know if you have an alcohol addiction or if you have had respiratory disease. Also, any bouts of liver disease or depression should be mentioned.

It is not known what the effects Fioricet would have on an unborn infant. If you are pregnant, you should avoid the drug until you have a discussion with your physician. It is possible for Fioricet to seep into breast milk which can result in harmful effects to a baby undergoing breast-feeding.

For the remedy of light to middling pain, Fioricet has established itself as an effective drug. As with all drugs, make sure you visit a doctor before you take Fioricet on a regular basis.