Is My Grandson?s Weight Normal?

Because “normal” weight and height covers a wide range throughout childhood, it is not possible to answer your question precisely.

Weight is somewhat correlated with height. It is also correlated with race, ethnicity, size of parents and others in the family, family growth patterns, and genetics. Weight can be low or high depending on the child’s level of physical activity, size at birth and quality of diet.

Was your grandson premature? Has he had any serious illnesses, or does he have a chronic illness or condition for which he frequently sees the doctor? Are you worried that he does not eat well?

Children’s weights and heights are usually plotted on standardized growth charts that were developed in 1974 by the National Center for Health Statistics.

They are based on the growth of a large number of American children. However, those growth charts may not be appropriate for some children — children with chronic illnesses, children who were very small at birth, or some children from Asia, Latin America, Africa or other cultures.

According to the growth curves, an average boy your grandson’s age is about 37 pounds, with 32 to 47 pounds being the usual range. The average height at this age is 42 inches, with a range of 39 to 45 inches. Your grandson’s pediatrician will be able to interpret his growth more accurately and help determine whether his growth pattern needs further evaluation. I hope you will contact his doctor.