Loss of Bladder Control. Causes & Remedies

A physical requirement that is basic is the elimination of urine. However, what if you have a bladder control condition? All of a sudden, you can’t control your elimination urge. In regard to this condition, there might be a problem or cause.

Incontinence of urine is loosing control of bladder. Dependent on the type of incontinence, it can be permanent or temporary. The client is humiliated by his incontinence. There is the development of smells as linens and clothing get wet. It is uncomfortable for the individual. When a person rushes to the bathroom, falling becomes a risk. The dignity, pride, and self-esteem of the person are affected. There are some people who will prefer to stay home, for fear of being incontinent while engaging in an activity or visiting with family or friends.

Causes of Incontinence: VariousĀ  disorders and conditions can cause incontinence, so it depends on the particular person’s health. Incontinence comes in five types.

Incontinence due to stress.

Dribbling is what it is often called. Sneezing, lifting, laughing, coughing, or other activities can cause it. In women, later stages of pregnancy and obesity are two primary causes. Pregnancy and age normally weaken the muscles of the pelvis.

Incontinence with urges.

It is when you feel a sudden urgency, and lose urine before making it to the toilet. An urgent, sudden need to void causes a loss of urine. The individual does not make it in time to the toilet. Some of the conditions that cause this include enlarged prostate in men, urinary tract infections, nervous system disorders, and bladder cancer.

Overflow related incontinence.

This is when the bladder leaks urine because it is too full. An enlarged prostrate, diabetes, and some drugs are causes that are common.

Incontinence that is functional.

When the individual has control of his bladder, but cannot get to the toilet in time, and loses urine. Unanswered calls for assistance, call bell not in reach, immobility, and not knowing were the bathroom is can cause this. Difficulty in clothing removal, disorientation, and confusion are other causes.

Incontinence from reflexes.

It is losing urine at known times. Injuries and nervous system disorders are the causes of reflex incontinence that are common.

Surgeries of the reproductive system, intestinal, and rectal system are other causes of incontinence. Women experience thinner, drier skin in the vaginal or urethral area after menopause, while men have an enlarged prostate, or surgery of the prostate that contributes to this problem. One of the causes is also disease of the vascular system. Incontinence of urine might also be caused by MS and Alzheimer’s disease.

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