Ohhh Kentuckeeee… Part 2

At first we thought the problem might be with our connections at this end. Interestingly, however, we have found that we CAN access governmental sites in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, and West Virginia. We did not try more because we have fairly well ringed the Commonwealth and tossed in a couple of other states besides. The hole (or black hole) seems to lie within your boundaries.

We assure you that New Zealand, where we now reside, is a fairly friendly country, although it does have some sort of complex when it comes to its neighbor, Australia. So long as you conduct yourselves in a conservative manner and so long as women dress down nearly to the point of chadours, you will find the government quite accommodating. Also, if the Kentucky Air National Guard is looking for a deal on planes, we believe the government here would entertain offers for its fleet of fighter jets. And if anyone has a hankering for sheep, wool, mutton, or the like, New Zealand has roughly 20 of those wooly critters for every man, woman, and child who lives here.

As you can see then, there can be great benefits in living up to the name: Kentucky Direct.

Please let us in.

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