Diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis

It is important to see your health care provider if symptoms last for more than several weeks. The first step in diagnosing the specific cause(s) of allergic rhinitis is for your doctor to take a detailed history and perform a physical examination. Allergy symptoms may also be caused by non-allergic conditions such as colds and […]

Buying A Stock

You’ve never bought a stock but you understand the basics of the stock market and are ready to take the plunge as soon as someone answers two questions: 1) How do I find a good stock? and 2) should I use a full-service broker, a discount broker or buy the stock online? Here are the […]

Global Matchmaker

Asian Sources has used the Net to untangle the knot of Far East buyers and sellers. Is this the future of the import/export market? Like a bazaar guide who speaks the native language and knows the best places to shop, the New Economy’s “infomediary” introduces buyers to sellers and helps close the deal. In the […]

Part Time Jobs

My teenager wants to get a job. She says that all of her friends work and have their own money to spend. I’m not sure it is a good idea. Should I let her work?

Emergent Writing

I am a preschool teacher and my children are showing an interest in writing. How do you feel about the emergent writing approach? Emergent writing, like emergent literacy, requires knowledge about each stage of the writing process. It makes sense to me and is worth exploration. Let’s begin by sorting out how writing develops.

Today’s Routine Is Tomorrow’s Ritua

Do you have a special childhood memory of spending time with your family? Is it cooking dinner with your mom or walking the dog with your dad? Special memories are often linked to daily routines in family life that gradually become family rituals.

Air Courier

When I was at Gatwick Airport in London, someone told me that you can get really inexpensive airline tickets to Europe if you fly for a courier firm. But I didn’t get any of the details. Is this true? How do I find out about it?

Updating a Preppy Style

I’m a cotton-shirt, pleated-pants, all-natural-fibers, low-heel-loafers kind of girl. But I want to update. Do I have to buy a pointed-collar polyester blouse and chunky-heeled shoes to be current? Geez. I lived through that stuff the first time around! Tell me I can still be current with my preppy clothes. Or am I just fooling […]

The Causes of Bladder Infection

I’ve been having sex with two different men now for over a year. However, it seems that within two or three days of having sex with Partner 2, I usually develop a bladder infection. My doctors have told me that frequent sex is what causes this, not a particular partner. I’m not sure I agree…. […]

The Beginners Guide to Strength Training Post 2

Key Points: Stand erect with your head up. Pull the dumbbells up to your chin. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise Muscles used: Shoulders Stand with your arms hanging at your sides with a dumbbell in each hand. Elbows should be slightly bent. Slowly raise both dumbbells to the sides away from your body until your arms […]