The Puzzle of IBD

Scientific observations over the years have revealed tantalizing connections between IBD and other factors. In Sweden, Crohn’s disease was three times more common in people born during certain measles outbreaks than those born at other times.

Is My Grandson?s Weight Normal?

Because “normal” weight and height covers a wide range throughout childhood, it is not possible to answer your question precisely. Weight is somewhat correlated with height. It is also correlated with race, ethnicity, size of parents and others in the family, family growth patterns, and genetics. Weight can be low or high depending on the […]

Exercise Lite has its place. Part 2

For the past six years, the fitness staff at Kraft Foods has been providing opportunities for employees and their families to participate in all sorts of activities through our ACT-Y-LIFE (ACT-ivate Your LIFEstyle) program, nova7award winner, 1994.

Exercise Lite has its place. Part 1

To the Editor: * With the vast majority of American people out of shape and reluctant to pursue their individual target zones, a “bridge” is needed to convince the sedentary that exercise does not have to be a “no-pain, no-gain” scenario.

Care of the Bleeding Athlete in the Age of AIDS?

Blood borne pathogens are a potential problem for athletes and coaches, and every effort should be made to limit blood exposure. The preferred person to handle a blood situation is the bleeding athlete. A minor should not be asked to clean or care for a blood incident unless the minor is the bleeder. Coaches should […]

Prepping Your Skin for Winter, Part 2

Once you are out of the shower and getting ready to head off to work or play, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer with sunblock to act as a barrier between your skin and the elements. Foundation alone won’t do the trick, Kirby says. You may also want to wear a 100-percent cotton or silk […]

Prepping Your Skin for Winter, Part 1

In October, when the temperatures rarely dip below the 50s in Connecticut, Elaine Ficarra breaks out her gloves.It’s just one way she has found to help protect her already dry skin from cracking and causing her irritation and pain during the winter months ahead.

Causation. Part 3

ST is more mechanistic and reductionist in nature, as it uses a few specific remedies, combinations chosen by causation alone, and standardized treatment plans with the use of all the major nosodes. In this way it shares certain principles in common with orthodox medicine.

Causation. Part 2

We have discussed some of the major areas where Classical Homeopathy differs from Sequential Therapy. Although ST tries to use traditional homeopathic sources as a theoretical background, its methodology is based on diametrically opposite principles:

Causation. Part 1

Summary When Samuel Hahnemann was experimenting with opening most of his cases with Sulphur in the late 1830s, he did not give “everyone” this remedy as claimed in the article on ST. Many misleading things have been said about the Master’s manifold experiments by those who wish to say that he did not practice what […]