Pheromone Cologne: How To Apply

Human Euphoria has created perfumes and colognes using a pheromone concentrate that is proven to create a sexual desire in the opposite sex. Humans can also use scents just like animals to create sexual attraction. There is a feeling of excitement and attraction when using this new pheromone creation.

Human Euphoria Pheromones are created by mixing pheromones with essential oils to create a scent proven to drive the opposite sex wild! We offer 99.99% pure, reagent-grade pheromones that contain both Androstenone and Androstenol pheromones, which combine to generate a powerful sexual desire.

This aphrodisiac is created by isolating and synthesizing the pheromone that will unconsciously make women want you! You will find women approach you more and give you more attention, and you will feel more confident.

Pheromones are found in animals and humans alike, and are
chemicals the cause a sexual reaction and a strong attraction to the opposite sex. Modern scientists have been able to identify, isolate, and produce this human sex pheromone. Natural pheromones like these are able to trigger strong sexual urges.

While fragrances are sensed by the Olfactory Glands found in the nose, the VNO, or Vomeronasal Organ, is the organ that detects the presence of Pheromones. You can find the VNO in the nasal pit, directly beneath the nose. When the pheromone reaches the VNO, the brain sends the body a stimulation, creating a subconscious increase in libido.

How To Apply: Pheromones can be used just like any other perfume. Put them on your neck, forearms, and other areas on your body. Wear them any time you want additional attention from the opposite sex or you simply want to be noticed more. You can use them daily, in business, at school, or at any event to attract more attention from women.