Steve’s Journal: Week Four. Part 2

Your weight has stabilized at 241 pounds for the past two weeks, but your exercise suddenly increased. Exercise has a delayed reaction on the scale, so look for your weight to budge lower in a week. Those cookies didn’t help, either.

You seem to be eating lower fat, but you could still stand to improve the quality of your diet-add orange juice to breakfast, and a fruit to lunch or as an afternoon snack. How hungry have you been?


Armand’s Reply
It looks like you did a little better with your activities this week. If you are using tennis to count towards your cardiovascular sessions, I’d like to have you balance it out with at least two structured sessions, such as jogging or elliptical stepping. Even though hard tennis does burn calories, it is not the best activity for training your aerobic energy system.

I’d rather see a balance of three good cardiovascular sessions and two hard sets of tennis for your program. And again, I must emphasize that you must start doing the two quick, but practical, strengthening and toning exercises I prescribed — push-ups and abdominal curls. This week, try to do them twice a week after your cardiovascular sessions, followed by the basic 10 stretches. Good luck.

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