Who May Use Levitra Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

High stress levels, fatigue, irregular lifestyle habits, and use of other prescription drugs for medical purposes are the main reasons individuals experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

When men take drugs like Levitra, they can treat their erectile dysfunction problem. This is a new drug that works similarly to Cialis and Viagra.

About Levitra

What is Levitra and its manufacturer?

Levitra is a prescription medicine, to be taken by mouth, to help men overcome their erectile dysfunction problems. GlaxoSmithKlein, a major drug firm, makes vardenfil, which trades under the label name Levitra.

Levitra may be obtained following consultation with a physician, since it is available solely as a licensed doctor prescribed drug. This limits the possibility of major side effects.

Levitra Eligibility

Levitra use is indicated strictly in the instance of males experiencing erectile dysfunction. Women and children should not use this drug. In clinical trials it has been shown that Levitra can safely be used to treat erectile dysfunction in men who have diabetes, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

As it can trigger quite negative side effects, those who are being treated with other medications containing nitrates should not be taking Levitra. The low blood pressure levels that can occur from this reaction may not be safe.

Levitra Strength

Tablets of Levitra are available in strengths of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Your physician’s instructions need to be strictly adhered to in terms of Cialis dosage.

Swallow your Levitra with water. An overdose of Levitra can lead to serious side effects.

Levitra Ingredients

Levitra’s primary ingredient is Vardenafil, which acts as a PDES inhibitor. It performs by getting blood vessels in the region of the penis to loosen up, causing an easy movement of blood into and out of the penis. A hard and erect male organ is the resultant effect.

An erection does not occur until you are sexually aroused. When Levitra is taken, sexual stimulation is still needed, because Levitra, on its own, is not able to boost libido. It is an anti-impotence drug rather than an aphrodisiac.

Side effects of Levitra

As all prescription drugs cause various amounts of side effects to the user, Levitra is no different. Headache, runny nose, and flushing of the face are the major side effects one might experience as a result of taking Levitra. As a rule, these effects only last for a few hours and are mild.

If these side effects from Levitra last longer, you should seek immediate medical help and talk to your physician who can administer remedial drugs.

Vision problems including defects in vision or faint vision have occurred in some people who have used the Levitra drug. A doctor should be immediately consulted upon appearance of these symptoms.

You should speak with your physician if you experience any erection lasting for over four hours after taking Levitra, as this may be a dangerous condition called priapism. Damage to the penis or other serious medical complications may occur as a result of this condition.

Levitra availability

The sale of Levitra for usage has been approved by many countries. This treatment drug for erectile dysfunction has been approved in the U.S. by the FDA. Many European countries also allow the use of this drug due to approval by the European Union (EU).

It is possible to purchase the drug Levitra over the Internet too. Using online pharmacy to purchase Levitra can save you time as well as expense. You won’t need to stand in a long line at a neighborhood druggist to buy this medication.

Compared to other drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, what makes Levitra better?

Following on the heels of Viagra and Cialis, Levitra is just the most recent drug to debut for sale. After taking Levitra, you will be able to feel its effects within 30 minutes and continue to feel them for approximately 12 hours.

Levitra leads to a very small amount of mild side effects. This makes it popular with people. Other drugs like Cialis and Levitra have significantly more side effects. Older men can also safely take this drug, since it has less side effects, and still achieve an erection.