World Impact of a Working Mother

Montessori’s passionate work took her around the world many times, traveling with her son, speaking as an advocate for children and overseeing the thousands of schools using her teaching methods. In 1929 Montessori and her son created the Association Montessori Internationale to support Montessori schools worldwide and regulate teacher quality. Montessori believed that peace might be achieved if children were cultivated to act on their unique gifts while respecting and understanding others and the entire universe.
Only after she died in 1952 could Montessori publicly admit her role as a mother when, through the specific words in her will, she left everything she had to her son, Mario. After Montessori’s death, her son carried on her work.

In addition to her son’s loyalty, there are many monuments to Montessori’s lasting impact, including the 5,000-plus Montessori schools in America and the others thriving in every corner of the globe. But the most fitting monuments are the tens of thousands of children and adults who continue to benefit from the long reach of Montessori’s practice.

“Scientific observation has established that education is not what the teacher gives; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment.”
— Maria Montessori, “Education for a New World”

Our Greatest Potential Lies Ahead

I celebrated this New Year Eve with four generations of my family. Sharing a moment of peace and good health with such a family presence lent a spectacular atmosphere to the historic experience.

Together, creating a time capsule for our family, we focused too on the future generations. We realized, with a sense of awe, that the youngest of us might live to see the turn of the next century. We hope and we wish that they will be the ones to solve our world’s biggest problems — disease, hunger, homelessness, conflicts, pollution. These are the resolutions we make for all of us.